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Leather Weather


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Sometimes I ask myself ‘What is right and what is wrong?’ And I want to know which decision I SHOULD make. But at the next moment I do not want to know what is right. I just want to live, laugh, make mistakes and have fun. But it’s not that easy. People come and go and you just do not know who is worth fighting for and who you should let go. When I read quotes I am always confused because one says you should love a person for who they are and accept his flaws. But when is it enough? There are flaws with which you maybe can not cope but someone else can. We are different and that’s okay. It is better to do what makes you happy. It is your life and you can create a life you love. Life is too short to be sad and dissatisfied. Every second you get a new chance to change your life. If you want to change it than do it. Now.

IMG_9747IMG_9756IMG_9759IMG_9774IMG_9798Shirt: SheInside // Pants: AnneChristine // Blouse: SheInside // Shoes: Deichmann

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No Fall Without Leather

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Be careful of your words. You never know what you cause with your words because you do not know what the person in front of you is going through. It is hard to remind yourself in every situation to think about the words you want to use. That’s impossible! But we can try it. Sometimes we say things just out of anger. Everyone knows it. But also everyone knows how hurtful it can be. Treat people right and take care of your words and actions.

IMG_9522IMG_9570IMG_9548IMG_9559IMG_9588IMG_9576Jacket: Primark // Top: I don’t know (just a basic top) // Shorts: H&M // Scarf: Primark // Shoes: Deichmann // Rings: C&A / GinaTricot

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What about Black?

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Hey guys, I wanted to say that you should never ever judge somebody. Maybe we know what somebody does or did but we do not know the reason for his or her actions. It is easy to judge, to talk behind someone’s back and to spread rumors. But for the person who has to deal with this bullshit it is very hard. His/Her life gets harder than it actually is. We are able to destroy a life, to make somebody feel bad but what is more important we are able to help each other, understand each other and make each other feel happy! Isn’t it better to use our energy to make life better instead of worse?

IMG_9415IMG_9446IMG_9451IMG_9471T-shirt: AnnChristine // Shorts: H&M // Coat: Primark // Rings: Gina Tricot

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YOU decide.

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Hey guys, I love fall but it does not feel like fall because of the weather.. Whatever! I am in the last grade and a lot of people ask me what I want to do after school. I always say that I still don’t know.. At first I was afraid and thought that I HAVE TO know what I want to do with my life but I realized that I am 18 and have enough time to decide. I don’t want to do anything! I want to do what I Iove and what makes me really happy. We just have one life and it is too valuable to choose anything just to earn money. You should love what you do and do what you love!

IMG_9349IMG_9340IMG_9352 IMG_9404 IMG_9405Pullover: Zara // Shorts: H&M // Scarf: Primark // Shoes: HighStyle

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