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Cozy Day

Today’s Outfit



Hey guys, this was today’s Outfit. I love it because it is soo cozy!!!!

I wanted to say that you should always believe in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself who will? You have a dream and goals which you want to reach? Then GO FOR IT. You only have one life and you should live it the way you want to. It is not easy to make a dream come true. But the hard work will be worth it. DO it NOW not later! Just do it! Imagine where you could be in few years when you would start now!

IMG_9157IMG_9218IMG_9198IMG_9201IMG_9183IMG_9188Pullover: ZARA // Blouse: H&M // Jeans: Jennifer // Shoes: Primark // Watch: Claire’s


Thank you!

Hey guys :) I am back. I was in France to visit my family. I wanted to enjoy the time with them so I did not have time for blogging. I am sorry. I did not know that there are people out there who are reading my blog. I read all the comments and I am so happy right now. I can not believe it. It is a big surprise guys. THANKS to everyone.

HUGS! <3

Simple Comfy Joggers

Today’s Outfit


Top: H&M // Joggers: H&M // Shoes: Deichmann // Statement Necklace: Primark // Necklace: I really don’t know :D

Hey guys, summer is almost over and I’m looking forward for fall. There are so many beautiful things in the shops. I mean SWEATERS and BOOTS GUYS! Enjoy your day, be happy and grateful. Lots of LOVE!

‘The more you talk about negative things in your life, the more you call them in. Speak victory not defeat.’ -Joel Osteen



Short Straightener Duell: GHD vs REMINGTON

Hi Leute, ich habe mir vor 3 Jahren den Remington Glätteisen geholt und habe Monate später den GHD beim Friseur entdeckt. Ich war so begeistert von dem Gerät und habe mich nach langer Überlegung dazu entschlossen mir eins anzuschaffen, da ich das Endergebnis so gut fand.


 GHD Gold Max Styler vs Remington Protect and Shine S1051IMG_9042

Vorher:IMG_9007Ich habe von Natur aus sehr sehr krauses Haar. Wenn ich sie bürste (was ich unbedingt vor dem Glätten machen muss), entsteht  DAS. Ein Strohkopf!


 Ich habe meine Haare in zwei Partien geteilt. Die rechte Seite habe ich mit dem Remington geglättet und links habe ich den GHD benutzt. Man sieht aufjedenfall einen Unterschied. Mit dem GHD geht das Glätten viel schneller und man muss bei meinen Haaren nur 2-3 mal über eine Strähne gehen, mit dem Remington hingegen musste ich das ca. 5 mal tun. Nach dem Glätten mit dem GHD fühlen sich die Haare so weich und gesund an.

Mein Fazit:

Ich bin super zufrieden mit dem GHD und kann ihn nur weiterempfehlen, doch man sollte sich gut Überlegen, ob man ihn wirklich braucht und es nötig hat, da der Preis bei ca. 200€ liegt. Das Remington Glätteisen hingegen hat nur 35€ gekostet und kann ebenfalls überzeugen. Meine Schwester zum Beispiel hat dünnere und glättere Haare als ich und für sie ist der Remington völlig ausreichend.

 Ich hoffe, ich konnte euch weiterhelfen! Wenn ihr noch irgendwelche Fragen habt, dann stellt sie mir in den Kommentaren. :)

Enjoy your day!

Boho Style meets Boyfriend Jeans

IMG_8942IMG_8940  IMG_8937IMG_8950IMG_8928

Hey guuuuuys, today I wore this outfit to school. I am in LOVE with this necklace, it is so bohemian. OK.. in few days we have summer vacation and I am so happy about it because the learning phase is over now. And in few weeks I am going to  visit my family in France. And my parents allowed me to drive the caaaaar. I am so excited :)

Shirt: Primark // Jeans: H&M // Shoes: Forever21 // Necklace: Primark

‘Don’t over look the people who genuinely love and support you, trying to impress the ones who don’t.’ -unknown <3


Lovely Pink Skirt

Today’s School Outfit


Hey guys this was my Today’s School Outfit. I love this look because it is very sporty and comfortable and my pink skirt makes the look more girly. :)

Shirt: Forever21 // Skirt: Forever21 // Shoes: Deichmann // Watch: AnnChristine // Glasses: Primark

‘A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. When you wake up, take a second to think about what a priviledge it is to simply be alive and healthy.’ <3

Boho Girl

Today’s School Outfit


Shirt: Forever21 // Shorts: Primark // Shoes: Deichmann // Sunglasses: Primark // Necklaces: It was a present // Bracelets: Primark

I love this bohemian look. It is so comfortable and sweet. <3

‘If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives!’                                    -unknown <3

How I Style My Curly Hair


Every girl with curly hair has the problem with frizz. If you do not know how to style them and if you have not found the right haircare routine yet, it’s hard to control them. I tried a lot of things but nothing really worked on my hair so I started to straighten them almost every day. I also straightened them because I was insecure. I just saw girls with long straight hair and I thought that I need this kind of hair to look good which is totally wrong. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Believe me. You should show what you have and not hide it. And I also learned that you just hurt yourself when you compare yourself to other girls. Because you will always find something what you do not like about yourself. But if you want to live a happy life than you should avoid that and find things which you LOVE about yourself.:) We are different and that is ok. I mean it would be boring if we were all the same. OK back to my hair.. :D Now I found products which work very well on my hair. I am so happy :))

IMG_8769 2

At first I wash my hair with a shampoo and a conditioner. :)


After that I take a moisture milk or a leave-in conditioner to moisturize my hair. This step is very important because curly hair can be very dry which causes frizz.

IMG_8794And now it is time for coconut oil. I just can recommend this little baby. I use the oil for my hair lengths. It moistures your curls and makes them super soft. Love it.

IMG_8809After Coconut Oil it’s time for my Coconut Hair Wax to fix the curls and make them last all day long. Actually I do not like coconuts or the smell but this products are very good.


And finally I blow-dry my hair. :))


I hope I could help you. :))




White Jeans Love

Today’s School Outfit

IMG_8477 IMG_8439




Shoes: Chucks // Jeans: H&M // Shirt: Primark // Bag: Primark // Watch: Ann Christine

Today’s outfit is very casual :) I just LOVE my white jeans because you can wear it with almost everything and whenever you want. They can also look very classy and elegant. Enjoy your day :)

‘What if I fall? Oh, but my darling.. what if you fly?’ <3