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Rosy Thing.

IMG_2048‘Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities.’ -unknown

Stop doubting yourself and start trusting yourself. Today your dreams and goals may seem to be impossible but if you go out and work hard for them why shouldn’t they come true? <3IMG_2176IMG_2109IMG_2017IMG_2119IMG_2087IMG_1964IMG_1990Shorts: H&M // Pullover: SheInside // Shoes: Converse // Earrings: Bijou Brigitte // Watch: Claire’s

Around the Hips.

IMG_0919Hey guys, I can’t stop watching videos about Quad Biking. In summer I saw quads almost everywhere  and thenceforth I want to take driving lessons. But my parents do not want me to do it because in their opinion it is too dangerous. Nevertheless I hope I can persuade them. :)

Hey Leute, ich kann einfach nicht aufhören mir Videos über das Quadfahren anzugucken. Seitdem ich im Sommer diesen Jahres fast überall Quads gesehen habe, möchte ich selber mein Führerschein machen. Meine Eltern jedoch möchten es nicht, weil sie es zu gefährlich finden. Naja mal gucken.. Ich hoffe so sehr, dass ich sie überreden kann. :) IMG_0916IMG_0914IMG_0950IMG_0989IMG_0943IMG_1022Dress: H&M // Jacket: Primark // Shoes: Converse // Watch: Claire’s


IMG_0661Why Complicate Life?

Missing somebody? …Call  -  Wanna meet up? …Invite  -  Wanna be understood? …Explain  -  Have questions? …Ask  -  Don’t like something? …Say it  -  Like something? …State it  -  Want something? …Ask for it  -  Love someone? …Tell it

We just have one Life, Keep it Simple.IMG_0671 IMG_0691 IMG_0736IMG_0748 IMG_0829 IMG_0838Blouse: H&M // Shorts: H&M // Fake Fur Vest: SheInside // Shoes: HighStyle // Watch: Claire’s

Black Black Dress.

IMG_0374-2‘Overthinking kills your happiness.’ -unknown

I love this quote so much. I definitely do it too often! Whether it’s about school or people, I rethink so many things. But I try to remind me that it won’t help me and that it doesn’t worth it. Sometimes we should take things as they come and see what will happen. <3IMG_0348IMG_0361IMG_0416IMG_0384UntitledIMG_0386Dress: H&M // Cardigan: SheInside // Shoes: HighStyle // Watch: Claire’s